Emergency Dental Services

Happy CoupleIt always happens at the worst of times! There’s never a good time for a problem or injury to occur to a tooth or in the mouth, but there are ways to avoid most issues that could come up.

Emergency Dentist Toledo Ohio

The best way to prevent dental emergencies is to build a life-long dental treatment plan, together with Dr. Nechvatal and our staff, and to follow the preventative and treatment recommendations of your dentist from there on out.  Running around Toledo ignoring a small problem that a dentist has identified, but which you elected not to treat right away, is a sure fire way to have a terrible bout of dental pain during a Saturday evening event. Don’t be that patient. Come in; let us show you what is going on.  Know what needs to be taken care of, and let us take care of it as quickly as your schedule can allow for it.  Strong, healthy teeth and gums are much less likely to succumb to sudden problems and the onset of unbearable dental pain.

If you are active in sports, a sports guard is strongly recommended for most activities.  These are inexpensive, custom dental appliances that will do a far better job than a store-bought, self-molded mouthpiece can or will when they are tested in action.

Still, there may be a rogue popcorn kernel out there that has your name on it.  There might be some taffy that you just cannot say no to, even though that old crown you’ve had for 15 years has recently been giving you grief.  Bottom line; things happen.  And you can rely on the Emergency dental services of Light Touch Dental to be there when you need us. Call us at 419-866-4271 and tell us about your dental emergency.  Let us talk you through it.  If we need to examine you, we can almost always get you into our schedule on the same business day.

In the meantime, our tips can help you until your appointment.