Routine & Advanced Cleanings

Sparkling clean teethWe took great care in naming our practice, and we take great care in living up to that name. At Light Touch Dental you can expect just that; professional dental care with a light touch.

That doesn’t mean a our dental cleaning isn’t thorough, in fact, our dentist and hygienists pride themselves on leaving your mouth sparkling clean. “Light touch” means that your comfort is important. Very important.

So, whether we are doing a routine dental cleaning to get rid of recent plaque build-up above the gumline, or are tackling plaque and gum issues that have built up over time, you can breathe easy. We’ll take great care of your mouth and your comfort!

Contact us for an dental appointment today or submit the form to the right with questions or concerns about our dental cleaning services. Checkout our other everyday dental care pages that cover topics like full family dental careteeth grinding, and oral cancer screenings. Read our dental frequently asked questions to find out more!