Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental FillingTooth colored fillings - also called composite fillings or white fillings - are the practically invisible finished product of treatment that we perform to replace infected or decayed tooth structure (cavities) or to make repairs to fractured teeth.  Each filling is a custom restoration and is color shade matched to fully restore and mimic the tooth's natural shape, integrity and appearance in your smile.

The other filling material commonly used in dentistry is amalgam - also referred to as silver fillings.  Amalgams have been used for tooth fillings for well over 100 years and are an alloy mixture typically composed of silver and silver-tin, plus other metals like copper, zinc and mercury.  The primary reason these fillings were the standard of care for so long was because they were the least expensive option available and, once the filling hardened, they had a superior longevity when compared to other options.  However, the resins used in tooth colored fillings have come a long way since they were introduced and now do the best job of replacing tooth structure for the long term.  If properly maintained with regular cleaning and maintenance, just like your natural teeth require, tooth fillings can and will remain beautifully invisible and last indefinitely.

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