All Digital Radiographs

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Digital technology in radiography is changing the way patients and dentists view dental X-rays. What once was a somewhat uncomfortable, worrisome process, now is an easy, painless, quick and even exciting part of the time spent in our Toledo area office.

At Light Touch Dental Care, we use the latest technology in digital dentistry for patients' dental x-rays. This investment allows our patients to receive up to 90% less exposure to any radiation when compared to 'old-school' film based products, while the dentist is able to see a dramatically better, clearer image that is ready for viewing almost the instant it is taken.

Our doctor doesn't have to wonder if that gray spot is a smudge on the film or the start of some decay - and neither do you!  If you have questions about what you are looking at, the images can now be enlarged or enhanced so that you can readily see exactly what the doctor sees.  It's just one more reason why we are the Toledo area's trusted source for quality dentistry that is focused exclusively on you, the patient.

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