Avoid Those Warning Lights with a Regular Dental Check-up

Some of you who have had a car long enough, have probably learned the value of those warning lights - the hard way! A regular oil change and tune-up probably would have avoided ever seeing those ominous red lights or, worse yet, calling a tow truck.

The same can be for having a regular dental exam. Putting off that annual or semi-annual checkup could mean the difference in avoiding major oral problems and leaving the dentist’s office with the assurance you have stayed ahead of:

Plaque, Tartar, and Tooth Decay

Every dentist will tell you that daily brushing and flossing is a start but no guarantee you will never have a decayed tooth or gum problems. Even with the most diligent dental hygiene, no one can catch everything that is determined to lodge itself in your teeth and/or gums.

The buildup of plaque that results over time becomes tartar. Without a professional to ensure the removal of tartar, toothy decay and possibly gum diseases are not far behind.

By having your regular dental exam and dental cleaning, you can prevent tartar from eroding your teeth and the cavities that follow. Unlike your car’s diagnostic warning lights, cavities seldom let you know what’s going on until its too late. A toothache often comes long after the cause of that pain could have been prevented.

Just like those warning lights, however, a dental checkup is far more affordable than avoiding one.

Gum Disease

Just like failing to change your oil can end up costing a lot more than that 3-5000-mile visit to the mechanic, unremoved tartar may cost you more than a filling. Unchecked tartar buildup can result in infection where your gum is connected to teeth. That, in turn, causes the gum to pull away from teeth opening the door to gum disease.

When gum tissue breaks down, so can the bone that holds teeth in place. If not cause early, the odds are you would need a lot more than a couple of hours a year for semi-annual checkups.

By having those checkups, you are likely to avoid needing deep cleanings, medications, and even dental surgery.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a reality for too many people that can manifest itself in several ways. Regular checkups ensure that if cancer is detected it can be successfully treated.

A dental exam ensures your dentist can spot the signs and symptoms of oral cancer. While you may not have noticed anything abnormal, your dentist will.

An oral cancer exam is non-invasive, entirely pain-free, and takes less time than brushing and flossing. The exam can detect any sign of dead tissue and might save your life!

It’s not just about fixing your teeth.

The aim of a regular dental check-up is to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and nothing that may have gone unnoticed. A dental professional wants to ensure your teeth and bones are strong. Your dentist may spot warning lights you didn’t even know about, allowing your smile to be as bright as ever.