Cut / Bitten Lip or Tongue

It happens - moving fast, talking fast or activities get a little rough or out of control...
An injury or cut to the lip or tongue can taste worse than it is. They also tend to heal fast. However, being gentle during initial treatment of the injury and during recovery (leaving it be!) can be a challenge.

Here is what to do when you have a cut lip, cut tongue or bitten lip or bitten tongue.
The first thing to identify is the significance or continuation of bleeding. If, after attending to the wound significant bleeding continues, you are likely headed to a hospital emergency room or other emergency physician immediately.

Quick Tips:

  • Clean the area very gently with a clean cloth or towel.
  • Apply cold compresses to try to slow or stop any bleeding and reduce any swelling. If slight bleeding continues you can alternate dry cold compresses with moist cold compresses (wrapped ice or ice-water dampened towels) until bleeding subsides.
  • If the bleeding does not subside or lessen fairly quickly, or if at any time bleeding becomes serious or intensifies, immediately head to an emergency room or emergency physician to attend to the injury.


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