Dentistry For All Ages

family dentistryYou are the picture of oral health. Your pearly whites shine and your smile dazzles.

But you didn't get there by chance. And you won’t keep it with sheer good luck, either.

A beautiful smile requires a vigilant brusher and flosser – and that’s just for starters. But you already know that!

Light Touch Dental can help you maintain that healthy, toothy grin. Checkout our other everyday dental care pages that cover our specific dental services like routine cleaningsteeth grinding, and oral cancer screenings. Read our dental frequently asked questions to find out more!

Oral health begins even before teeth appear. Ensuring healthy gums gives your baby a head start in developing strong enamel. We love seeing grandpa, too, even if he doesn’t have any teeth, either! Ours is a family dentistry practice in Holland Ohio that serves patients of all ages including those having most difficult medical conditions. Any age; everyone’s welcome!

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