Dentures- Why and What Should You Get

Tooth loss can occur due to many reasons. Accidents and advancing age are the main culprits in this. Whatever the reason may be, it can be both saddening and worrisome. Teeth play a very important role in our appearance and persona. Apart from their ornamental value, they also give a firm shape to our face and help in eating. Their loss will make eating difficult and the face can lose its shape and strength. 

Dentures are the easiest solution to such problems. Dentures do the complete work of your natural teeth. They are the replacements of the lost teeth. Although they are prosthetic teeth, they play a crucial role in life. They help in bringing back your smile. You have a wide range of options to choose from. Permanent Dentures, Flexible Dentures, Partial Dentures, or Removable Partial Dentures, it is for you to choose. There are so many more options in the range. Your dentist can help you find your best fit.

Dentures Benefits are Numerous

  1. Improve Your Smile and Overall Look

Lost teeth leave a void behind and give a saggy appearance to the face. They make the face look older and also steal away the luster from a smile. The aesthetic importance of dentures is immense in this regard. Dentures give firmness to the face and fill the gap left behind by the missing teeth. Your smile becomes perfect and in some cases even better than before. Dentures support facial structure and integrity while increasing your confidence.

  1. Functional Advantages

Apart from making you look beautiful teeth also play a very important role in your eating habits and speech. Without teeth,the foods you can eat become more restrictive and speech also becomes unclear. Dentures allow you to eat the kind of food you want. If your speech is getting affected by the loss of teeth then it will also improve by wearing dentures. 

Best Solution vs. the Easiest and Most Economical Solution

When it comes to replacement of lost teeth, there are a lot of other options too. Dental Bridges and implants are the alternative treatments for the same. They may offer a comparatively better fit, comfort, and chewability. However, the amount of time, cost,and extensiveness required for these options are very high. Either you are going for Implant Retained Dentures, Permanent Dentures or Flexible Dentures, the cost would be very low. You may not have to spend a fortune even on the best dentures.

In Dentures, you have plenty of options to choose from. Each one has its own advantages. Some of the common options available to you are:

Full Dentures

Losing teeth is a painful experience. But age could eventually leads to it. Losing natural teeth can make eating difficult and speech unclear. It will also make the face look saggy and old. Full Dentures can help in restoring the smile, appearance,and confidence. 

Partial Dentures

If you've just lost one or two teeth then you have multiple options. You can get implants or Dental Bridges. However, they are costly and can betime-consuming. Partial Dentures offer a quick and affordable solution. You can wear Removable Partial Dentures. Supported Dentures remain in place with the help of your natural teeth, gums and the connective structure. 

Conventional Dentures

One way to get dentures is to wait for the gums to heal completely. Once they heal you will be able to get the perfectly fitting dentures in the maiden attempt. There won't be any pain or discomfort. However, you may have to wait for months while the gums heal. This can be frustrating. But, if you are a game for it, then this is the most affordable option. 

Instant Dentures

You can get the dentures as soon as you get your teeth extracted. They save the embarrassment of showing a toothless grin to the world. However, you must understand that as the gums heal their position will change. The instant dentures may not fit long term and you will need a new set in the next 6 months.

Natural Looking Dentures

As the name suggests, the only difference in these dentures is the material. These dentures look more natural and you can keep your loss of teeth as an unadvertised secret, if you want. The color, texture, and make of these dentures is handcrafted to look like a natural part of your mouth. They are made from ceramic porcelain in place of plastic prosthetics. But, this also makes them more expensive than the latter. 

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