Painless tooth extractionOf course we are in the business of saving teeth and making them strong enough to last a lifetime.  However, there are indeed times when a tooth just has to come out and tooth extraction is inevitable. Sometimes a tooth is so damaged that it would be, smarter, better and more cost-effective to remove it and consider other options, like a dental implant.

Modern dentistry makes routine Tooth Extraction in Toledo Ohio a seemingly pain-free experience- there is no need to fear the dentist! Dr. Nechvatal is specifically known for her light touch and gentle care. Many times, a patient who has a tooth “pulled” experiences very little discomfort at all. Before the procedure, the site of the tooth is numbed with topical and/or injectable anesthetic. After the procedure, all that is required is enhanced precaution around the area, maybe some cold compresses to reduce any small swelling or, at most, an anti-inflammatory medicine, such as ibuprofen if the swelling persists.

There may be some additional post-procedure care steps to take, which we will go over with you when discussing your treatment options.  Contact us for scheduling options and a tooth extraction consultation, today!

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