Grinding & Injury Prevention

Teeth grinding injury preventionStress can, and does, get to all of us at times. We often see patients whose teeth show tell-tale signs of unconscious teeth grinding. This happens during periods of sleep and patients often don’t even know they are doing it.

The results, beyond the damage to the teeth, can be chronic headaches, muscle pain, and injury to your jaw. We suggest stress management techniques to our patients to help them relax and deal with daily pressures, which ultimately helps in reducing teeth grinding.

In the meantime, we will fit a tooth-grinder’s mouth with a special guard to wear at night that will protect the mouth from further damage and relieve the wearer from pain.

We also provide custom-fitted mouth guards for the sports fanatics that come to our office. Any sport player of all ages should be wearing a mouth guard to protect their teeth and mouth from unnecessary injury.

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