Objects Stuck Between Teeth

We've seen it before, and it goes without saying... but: No foreign objects belong in between your teeth unless a trained dental professional is using sterilized and proper materials to treat you or clean your teeth in a dental office.

Quick Tips:

  • If you, for whatever reason, find yourself in the position of having to try to remove metal, plastic or any other solid objects from in between teeth which are stuck or caught, resort only to using dental floss or at most the bristles of your tooth brush.
  • Do not, at any time, use another solid or sharp object (paper clip, knife, pin, razor blade, scissors, skewer... not even a toothpick) to try to remove another object stuck in between your teeth or gums.
  • If the use of dental floss or your tooth brush bristles is not enough to remove the object from being caught up between your teeth you should contact your emergency dentist immediately. Call us at 419-866-4271 and schedule an emergency dental appointment.


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