Oral Cancer Screenings

Girls ready for oral cancer screeningAs with any type of cancer, early detection is imperative in securing the best prognosis, the same holds true for oral cancer screening as well. Even though we still have much to learn in the detection and treatment of oral cancers, we believe that periodic screenings for oral cancer are vitally important to your dental health.

Initially, a oral cancer screening consists merely of an oral exam where we look into your mouth to visually identify any lesions, sores, or abnormal discolorations. We’ll also use gloved hands to feel your gums for lumps and bumps that seem out of place.

If we come upon something questionable we may ask you to rinse your mouth with a dye, we may use special light, or we may obtain some cells for further testing.

Whatever the process, we will always talk through each step with you and you’ll know exactly what is happening and why!

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