Signs- You May Need Dentures

Loss of teeth necessitates corrective action. You can either get dental implants or dentures depending upon the number of teeth lost. However, the loss of teeth is not sudden. Apart from some exceptional scenarios like accidents, loss of teeth is gradual. You can take preventive action. With the help of Partial Dentures and other measures, you can keep everythingunder control. 

It is important that you recognize the signs and symptoms that can helpforecastfuture problems. If you are able to understand them, then containing the damage will be easy. 

Dentures not only fill the gaps left by the teeth but they also provide structural integrity of the face. Timely consultation with your Dentist can help in saving a lot of pain and money. 

Signs That Show Dentures May be Needed Soon

Severe Toothache and Decay

People believe that with old age teeth are lost naturally and hence, dentures are needed. This is true to an extent, but not the absolute truth. Most of the times, teeth need to be extracted. Tooth decay can make a tooth useless and your local dentist may not have any other option than to extract it. Dental Bridges and Implants are costly solutions. If you don't want to spend that much, then besides dentures you are left with no other option. So if you have frequent toothaches, then ignoring them can cost you a tooth or many. The decay can spread underneath and may require complete uprooting. If not tackled on time Permanent Dentures may remain the only option.

Gum Inflammation

Inflammation of the gums is a big problem. Our gums seldom look like the part of the problem, but they can be a victim of your ignorance. Carelessness in oral hygiene can lead to inflammation of gums. Redness, tenderness, bleeding or swelling in gums are signs of such inflammation. Gums are very important for holding our teeth. They can also lead to the fall of the teeth. If you are having frequent gum inflammation, then it’s time for you to take action. Become alert before the need of Implant Retained Dentures, Flexible Dentures or Supported Dentures arises.  

Lose or Shifting Teeth

Lose teeth will eventually fall out. There is no way you can stop that. In this case, you are left with no other option than to get a replacement. Dentures are a quick, easy and affordable option in such scenarios. 

Missing Teeth

If there area missing teeth in your mouth then it isn't just cosmetic problem. It may also cause structural and integrity issue in the face. The gap will put more pressure on the healthy teeth. Getting dentures as early as possible is the best solution. This will strengthen your jaw and the loss of other teeth can be slowed or stopped.

Problems in Chewing

If chewing or biting food for you is becoming a difficult task then it may mean that your teeth are losing their power. The problem can be anywhere from gums to teeth. Your dentist alone would be able to tell it for sure. However, dentures do offer a permanent solution to such difficulties. 

Prevention is always better than rushing to find a solution and your local dentist is your best advisor in all such circumstances. They will help you find out when its right time to get dentures and what types of Dentures would fit needs the best.

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